A cry for help…!

I have just had a look at my Science Investigations grid over at EditGrid and they are now showing the number of views the spreadsheets have had. I was very pleased to see my Science grid has had 210 views, that was quite surprising – but what I have noticed is there has not been any contributions of results from anyone.

Maybe everyone is too scared to dip their toe in, I don’t know – so this is a call for help! Please contribute what you can to the shared results – after all the premise of the tool relies upon other people contributing to the investigation and then benefiting from the shared, pooled data – showing your class more reliable data.


  1. Hi Tom,
    I guess I am one of the guilty ones. I pointed a couple of colleagues
    in the grids direction, but never got round to following it up with
    reminders etc.
    One of the problems with great opportunities that popup is if you
    don’t grab them at once they get forgotten as the normal school weeks
    trundles on. I’ll try to get back onto it.

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