How To Bookmark Twitter Links

One of the issues with using Twitter is dealing with the huge number of useful links that stream through every day. Delicious has always been the way I organise my bookmarks but I want to bookmark so many sites that I could spend all day manually adding them.

Even with the little Delicious bookmarklet the work-flow of saving links from Twitter was so time consuming that I stopped doing it. However recently I have found a solution that automatically saves links from Twitter – this has revitalised my use of Delicious and means I can bookmark whilst using Twitter.

This little application looks at your own Tweets and saves anything with links as Delicious bookmarks. To set it up it is just a case of linking the two accounts (Delicious+Twitter). A BETA app by Marc Mims I have found this to be a brilliant and simple way to store links. Here are some features that make it so useful:

  • The simple work-flow is crucial. When I retweet a link or share one in my own tweets, the URL will be automatically saved in Delicious.
  • converts Twitter hashtags to Delicious tags. Essential to help you find the links again later.
  • Twitter favourites are bookmarked too.
  • Existing bookmarks will be replaced (this is an option in the preferences which gives you lots of ways to fine tune the process).
  • You are able to say which sources to exclude from this process, I don’t want my Posterous 365 links to be saved so I have added it as a source to exclude.

Here is how the process looks, first a tweet:

Here is the corresponding tweet automatically saved as a Delicious bookmark, was easy to setup and it quietly gets on with saving my bookmarks whilst I use Twitter. It has been exactly the sort of little application that I have been looking for to integrate my use of these two great services.

I have also found ReadTwit, from Lionite, useful to snag links from all of the people I follow on Twitter into an RSS reader.

Readtwit filters your twitter feed to links only, resolves link destinations and publishes the content as an RSS feed. You can then use any feed reading software / service to read twitter posted content along with the rest of your feeds.

The feed is pretty busy so I mainly use it for data-mining and searching for interesting resources or if I have something specific in mind. I find it less useful than though because I have less control over what appears there.

With I can choose exactly what I want to save and tag it too, it is Twitter bookmarking. If you are like me there was always links that I thought useful, never saved them and then cursed the fact as I desperately tried to find them later. Perhaps those days are over.

What processes or application do you currently use to save links from Twitter? Can you recommend any other tools that facilitates this process?


  1. Hi Tom,

    I should have known that I would find the answer to my question about saving Twitter links here! Now that we might be losing Delicious, does work for Diigo too? I have got the bookmarking tool for Diigo on my iPad, but can I go directly from Twitter (or Tweetdeck) to Diigo, without opening the link in Safari? Managing all those wonderful sites one comes across each day needs to be quick and hassle free.

    Best Regards, Britt Gow.

  2. My name is Carl Herring, and I have been given the assignment for following your blog for the next several weeks for my EDm 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I am just a beginner with tweeting, and I already know that it can be a little confusing. I thought that this blog post was very informative, and I look forward to following your blog.
    Carl Herring

  3. I am a big fan of and have been meaning to write a blog post about why more of my tweets now have hashtags! Here is a screenr where I mention it in passing when talking about how I manage RSS feeds in GReader

  4. I've already chated with Marc (the author…) and he'll try to build a new tool to DIIGO.
    I also use DIIGO and I've made automatic posts to Delicious…so… I'm waiting 😉

  5. I tend to use Twitter on my phone and the app has a 'send to Delicious' function. It doesn't tag it like Packrati does, but it saves it for sorting later. I use Gravity on my Nokia 5800. Might have a look at Packrati though

  6. I've been looking for something like this for a while now. I used to tag a link as “favorite” (which still works when I'm on my mobile) but this will truly help a lot.

  7. This sounds like a great way to organize/maintain twitter info. Is there a version for Diigo? I finally made the switch from Delicious to Diigo… don't make me regret it.

    Thanks for the jing images–really easy to understand.

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