Monthly Archives: August 2010

Shared Search – Sign Up to Help Out

I have a new crowd-sourcing idea up my sleeve that needs your help and input. It is all based around the idea of a collaborative search engine that can be constructed together – Shared Search. Elevator Pitch A community of educators work together on a Google custom search engine (CSE). The CSE can be for read more »

Leading With The First Step

Both of these films meant something to me. They both show people leading, they both show people taking action – they are both very different and yet we can learn something from each. Leadership can happen in many forms, it can occur in the smallest of actions as well as the more obvious ones. What read more »

Embedding Google Maps on Your Blog or Website

This is a pretty straight forward process, but it also can have a variety of different outcomes depending on which map you want to display. It is useful to know these options to offer a richer visual experience on your blog or website. Here is the basic run through: Navigate to the location on Google read more »

Newspaper Car Park

At the London offices of Google they have a Google Earth tour displayed on a wall of the reception area. I happened to spot this quirky use of space by an Amsterdam based newspaper printing company. View Larger Map According to James Turnbull and the Google Sightseeing blog the translations include: “Entree” = “Entrance” “Afhalen read more »

Addition in Adelaide – A New Maths Map

I have begun a new Maths Map in Adelaide focusing on addition ideas that can be seen or referred to on the map. It would be great to have your contributions it is very easy to do: How can you contribute? Explore the maps below for the ideas already added, follow the links to open read more »