My Dad Doesn’t Google

  • Hghghgh

    ok c bon

  • baldy7

    When I was a kid, I was my dad’s remote control for the TV. Now that I am older, I am his google. He calls me regularly to find information on the internet for him. The more things change… the more they stay the same.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Steve for the comment – yes it is a healthy reminder of the balance we must strike when we are embroiled with technology in our daily lives.

  • StripeySteve

    Lovely post Tom, having just returned from 2 weeks in Norway where I disconnected completely, I’ve been thinking a lot about finding a healthier and happier balance.

  • Zaza


  • Serene Yee

    Great food for thought. I’ve enjoyed reading it.

  • Gerald Haigh

    As a person of a certain age making a living from ICT-related activities, I’m in the interesting position of being technologically ahead of most of my contemporaries, but at the same time miles behind the people I meet in my freelance work. That is actually a strong position from which to be a learner, because I can both ask questions and also then reinforce my knowledge by using it to inform and help others. Nothing beats having someone say to you, “Gerald, you know that SharePoint you keep banging on about, what actually is it?”

  • Anonymous

    So what value has Google added to your life relative to your Dad’s. My Dad once said he had forgotten more than I would know (cf WWII). My son knows more than me about all sorts too – if my Dad has an idea I usually check with my son before Google,

    And as for my Mum she loves the internet but not particularly Google, and all my students they have to be cajoled into using Google; last yr or so it was Bebo now its Facebk – what fad will it be next …

  • Creative STAR

    Perhaps you have the best of both situations within your family! Mind you, I like the idea that I can wander around a town, exploring shops, cafes, parks along with some mobile technology – I love my iPhone not least for its camera. Strangely perhaps, I’m on FourSquare but tend not to use such apps for deciding which cafe to visit. I prefer to read the menu outside. I intensely dislike satnavs barking directions. So I use a road map and the google maps on my iPad.Ultimately we have the privilege of choice…which is a luxury to appreciate.

  • Anonymous

    Thankyou Jason – I agree it is about getting the balance right.

  • Jason

    Beautifully written and very thought provoking. I think a balance of the new and old is the best perspective.