Australian Postcards Please!

We are hoping to connect with lots of different schools right across Australia for our topic work this term.

This will help our children to really understand what life is like today for their peers throughout Australia.

But for an old fashioned pen-pal style idea we welcome your postcards, because after all there is still something special about receiving mail – the physical kind!

If you are an Australian teacher or educator we would love to have you and your class send us a card. The postcard could be about your town, city or state or even a famous landmark you are close to.

We have two classes doing the Australia topic so if you could please send 2 cards one addressed to Mr Barrett’s Class and the other to Mrs Bartholomew’s Class.

John Davies Primary School
Barker Street,
NG17 2LH

As we gather your cards we will photograph them and update your location on a Google Map. Don’t forget to add your class blog address if you have one – our Year 5/6 classes will be starting their own soon.

Please let us know if you can help and we look forward to seeing your cards in the post!


Pic: Wish You Were Here by H4NUM4N


  1. Hi I am a teacher from the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Sydney. I have a new app on my ipad called postcards and was trying to work out a way to use it. If you are still interested is there a school email that we can send them along to. 

  2. Hi, I am an ICT teacher in country Victoria in Australia and although we still have two more weeks of holidays, (ahhh, bliss!!!) we could send you some postcards if you haven’t finished your work yet. Kind regards, Chris

  3. Australia Postcards is an online postcard retailer that sells real standard and personalised Australian postcards.
    If you would like to buy real standard Australian postcards for yourself; to send to your family, friends, colleagues, or postcard exchange participants; or to give to visitors, students, or delegates; or, if you would like to have Australian postcards with your own personal message sent on your behalf within Australia or around the world, then Australia Postcards is the website for you.

  4. Hi, we are a year 2 class in Brisbane, Queensland. We would love to send you a postcard. We are on holidays at the moment but will send it next week when we get back to school. Our blog address is
    Wendy Randall and 2R

  5. Hello from OZ! I am a Year 5/6 teacher and I have recently returned from a trip to England. My son who is 15 is still in England at the moment and my husband will be joining he next week. If you would like them to visit your class for a chat about life in Australia we might be able to arrange something. Also I would love my class to learn to skype with an authentic purpose and was wondering if you were interested too. There is a fantastic picture story book that is about a family’s experience of travelling around Australia called ‘To the Top End’ by Roland Harvey. It is very entertaining and contains useful geographic information. It also uses postcards to explore Australia. Cheers! Angela Shaw Kyabram Victoria, Australia

  6. I am a Year 2 teacher from Melbourne and we would love to send you some postcards from Melbourne. Our Inquiry unit in Term 3 was on “Culture”, so this is a great follow on for the children. Postcards will be in the mail today. Our blog address is as follows:
    Thanks for this great learning opportunity,

  7. Hi Mrs Turner and Year 5 – we are all looking forward to seeing your postcards and seeing your photographic skills too. Can’t wait to see them!

  8. Making the postcards too! Wow – we’ll look forward to them, thanks for helping us out. We will be sure to explore where you live some more and learn about it as part of our topic work.

  9. I”m the librarian and don’t have a class of my own but will see if I can borrow a class and send you some postcards from Adelaide in South Australia.

  10. Dear Mr Barret, we would love to send you some cards from our little seaside town of Bulli, NSW! We will make our own using some of our photographic skills. Expect to see them within the next two weeks. If you’d like to check out our school website, it is . You can read about our Catholic Primary School. From Year 5 and Mrs Turner

  11. Mr Barrett, Our year 3 class would love to send you some postcards. We will make postcards in class this morning and post them to you. We will send you 27 homemade postcards all about Botany where we live. Hope that helps. From Mrs Wright & 3M.

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