Online Drawing and Painting Tools

After a few tweets, my network have shared with me some fantastic and unique online drawing and paint tools. I thought the list was worthy of sharing properly in a blog post. Here goes:

ABCya! Paint – simple and easy to save as an image file.

Poisson Rouge Colouring Bugs – lovely early years tool within the amazing Poisson Rouge world.

Odosketch – I like the tones to the colours in this tool.

Shidonni – bring your drawings to life

Sketchpad – more complex toolset on this one

Flockdraw – allows you to draw on the same canvas as others online – nice collaborative tool.

Crayola Digi-Color – smooth online drawing tool from the company that know how.

Kerpoof Studio – simple and effective little online tool, to use other brushes you need to buy them though. Easy to save etc.

Sumo Paint – this was certainly recommended the most by people today.

Imagination Cubed – one of the first collaborative whiteboard tools I came across, been around for years.

Bomomo – I love the free abstract creativity of this one.

Brushter – from the National Gallery of Art for Kids.

Graffiti Playdo – spray your work on a wall.

PsykoPaint – convert your photos into artwork.

and here is a nice collection of links for Drawing tools as well.

Not a bad list I am sure you would agree and all from recommendations from my Twitter network in the space of a few hours – so a BIG thankyou to all of you who shared your ideas, links and recommendations.

(You can see all of these links on my delicious page)



Blondie by Rufus Gefangenen
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License


  1. You gave a top sites list for drawing. I appreciate you and thankful to  you.  I searched for online drawing sites for learn more. I want to participate in a drawing contest. Your list very helpful for me. Now onwards I want to visit your site for good stuff from you. Thanks a lot, Tom.


  2. Grandma bought me a pink rhino. I want to put it in the park so that all my friends can play with it. Dad says I should start a painting competition where the winner gets to have his design painted on the rhino before it goes to the park. We want to give the money to our school. Ysgol Gynradd Dyffryn Ardudwy.
    Lowri. (Aged 8)

    Gwion here, Lowri’s Dad. In addition to asking the school kids to enter I thought an online competition might raise more money. (Only 50 children in our village school) The idea being a short paragraph explaining the idea, then an on-line paint tool with an outline of a rhino followed by a donate button at the bottom. £0.50 per entry perhaps. Could someone help us set this up.

  3. Hello Tom
    I apreciate your topics. Thank you.
    I’m a brasilian teacher in public school and this topics is very important for my teacher activities.

  4. Great list – thank you for that 🙂
    Though it’s not online tool.
    Though it’s not drawing tool.
    I would recommend Faces iMake for the iPhone/iPad.
    It is based on the amazing artist Hanoch Piven ( and let’s you be creative like no other app.

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