Interesting Ways to Use Google+ to Support Learning

Many early users of the latest platform for social networking have begun sharing their ideas about the potential for supporting learning. There is much to be anticipated – I always believed that the community element was missing from the use of Google Apps for Education.

Perhaps Google+ could provide the platform for schools to help positively teach social networking and tie in the use of the different apps more seamlessly together.

Take a look at what educators think so far and feel free to share your own ideas with the Google doc, or leave them in the comments here.


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  • July 22, 2011 - 6:24 pm | Permalink

    This will all be a lot more useful once Google actually gets around to enabling Google Profiles (and by extension Google+) for Apps accounts. Right now, as mentioned in slides 8 and 9, no Google Apps account (Free, Education, or Business) can use Google+, and all we have from Google is a 4-month-old announcement that it is coming “later this year”:

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