20+ Classroom Blogs to Enjoy

I spent today working with staff at Christ Church Primary School in Brixton, South London – and we were predominantly talking about the use of classroom blogging to support learning.
During the day I was tweeting to ask people to share their own class blogs as I was working with different year groups and it was lovely to look back this evening and find so many all across the world that people sent me – so a big thanks to those of you in this list.
I have gathered them up and indictaed where the cass blogs are from and thought I would share in a post for everyone to benefit from.
And here are the class blogs from Christ Church Priary School too – they would be so pleased if you and your classes dropped by and added a comment or two. They have just started their blogging journey and would welcome the support.

Make sure you spend some time exploring the different blogs and look for links to other school blogs they have displayed and I hope you perhaps find a class to link to and share some stories with.

Please share your class blog in the comments below


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  2. Thanks for the great list of links!  We’re also about to start a school blog and this is a treasure trove of good ideas.

  3. These blogs are fantastic!  Got some great ideas from them already. Missed the tweet asking for class blog examples but my Year 5 class’s blog is at: http://bit.ly/x1T7mq

  4. I’ve just spent an interesting few minutes (quite a few!) looking at the blogs on this list. I’m new to blogging and QuadBlogging has been a good way for me to find lots of interesting class blogs to look at for inspiration. Oh, and Twitter of course. Thanks again, Tom, for getting me going with that 🙂

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