74 Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms in the Classroom

The Interesting Ways series of resources continue to grow as the community add ideas from the classroom. Below is one of the most popular with over 70 ideas shared by teachers for using Google Forms in a range of different ways.

Make sure that you explore nearly 40 other crowdsourced resource like the one above – you can see the full series of resources on the Interesting Ways page


  1. Since a teacher does not always have a computer available, a common problem is to get a Google Form that prints nicely on paper. By default the multi-select fields are collapsed, and the text boxes are too small. Well, I’m proud to say that I worked some magic to fix this. You can convert any Google Form to an awesome paper-based version through my service here: http://vivwebsolutions.com/tools/google-paper-forms/ — Please take a look and reply. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Great article – I
    especially like the way this approach positions. With the emergence of so many
    website builders, themes, temples, etc – just about anyone CAN put up a website
    these days.


  3. I thought it was impossible to add pictures to Google forms how does the “ur holidays” Google form look so nice?

  4. I use Google forms to formatively assess thesis statements, assess the degree to which topic sentences match theses, and assess paragraph coherency. http://wp.me/p1Dq2f-cv

    Reading logs can be done using Google Spreadsheet. Each student has their own sheet that is locked so that only the teacher and individual student can modify. However, students can see what other students are reading.I’ll be using some of your form ideas. Thanks!Janet | expateducator.com

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