20 Great Classroom iPad Apps to add to your Collection (1-5)

Over the last year and a half I have really enjoyed exploring the types of iPad apps that can be used in the classroom and so I thought I would begin to draw together some of my favourites and share them with you here.

This is the first of 4 posts in which I feature my first 5 recommendations:

Hairy Letters

App Store - Hairy Letters

A great app for early years classes – understanding letter shapes and sounds. Good to see a phonics app using fonts / sounds used in UK.

• Interact with animations and trace the letter shape.
• Play games to reinforce learning and build letters into simple words.
• Letter sounds come to life with animated characters.
• Learn to form each letter shape with your finger.
• Play games to blend letter sounds into first words.

iTunes Link

App Store - Paint Sparkles Draw - my first colors HD !

Paint Sparkles

A lovely free paint application that sparkles when you use it. Little sounds play as you paint and when you have finished your line or brush. Each colour is read aloud when you select them from the palette, making this great for EAL pupils.

iTunes Link


App Store - Toca Store

Toca Store

I was shown this at the Taipei European School by Glenn Malcolm – a great little app for developing role play areas in class. I see it being used alongside existing shop and money role play activities – love how it encourages working together.

iTunes Link




I am a big fan of Skitch for the Mac as a tool for screen grabs etc the iPad app is ace for all of that – but it also links to an Evernote account. Skitch for iPad could potentially be a great interface for younger students using Evernote. (It just needs tagging to be included)

iTunes Link


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for iPad on the iTunes App Store

The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore

A beautifully executed story that makes you feel you are part of a film, narrative and interactive app all at once.

iTunes Link


I hope that you find plenty of inspiration for your own use of the iPad – please make sure you share your ideas and experiences in the comments or you could even add them to the Interesting Ways resource which is now up to 75 iPad ideas, where these apps also appear.


  1. Well, do you know Nearpod? it’s a classroom platform that works incredibly well with students. they really like its interactivity and activites like videos, drawing, quizzes and polls. you should take a look! it’s on nearpod.com (and freeeee) 🙂

  2. How about the “Air Chalk” app I found?  It lets me use the iPad and an projector as my blackboard.

  3. Found a future addition on Indiegogo called EduApp.  Looks like teachers
    will have content on their iPad and will control the students iPads 
    and push information to the students iPads in the future.  Grading
    easier with integrated testing/scoring sounded like a major timesaver

  4. Custom ipad forms

    Does anyone know a good ipad app that allows you to create
    custom forms and reporting on the ipad?

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