“Stuff”, Stuffing and Japanese Craftmanship :: T Minus 7 Days

  • loremipsem

    Well welcome to lovely Melbourne! i hope the rest of the move goes as well, you will love it here and we are the richer for having you. Happy New Year and thanks for your great blog.

  • jen hughes

    Hey Tom! Have only just caught up with your move. Just want to say thanks for everything you have contributed to my teaching and my own learning. Best source of ideas and inspiration ever! Check out tributes on http://taccle2.eu. Best of luck in your new life, hope you have a ball – Jen Hughes

  • http://www.creativestarlearning.co.uk/ Creative STAR

    I hope your move has gone well. You may enjoy “The Story of Stuff” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8

  • Ewan McIntosh

    Love it. We’ve been having some serious clear outs here, too. It’s maybe “sympathetic pains” to your zen.

  • Neil

    How brilliant!