51 Interesting Ways to use QR Codes to Support Learning

In the Nursery class in my last school we used some QR codes to help the littlest of internet explorers navigate to their favourite websites. It seemed such an easy concept at the time and something that developed some great independence in those young learners.

Funnily enough using QR codes to navigate to specific sites proved useful for the older children too. Working in a Year 5 and 6 class I used QR codes to help the class quickly move between different web content, we gained so much more time back from sessions this way. We could focus on what we were doing with the content, not the process of getting there.

Hopefully this Interesting Ways resource for QR (Quick Response) Codes will spark some ways you can use them to support learning. As with all the resources please share with your colleagues and consider adding your own ideas to continue to develop them.

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Craig Lapson
3 years 4 months ago

I have seen the slideshow and it is pretty knowledgeable stuff for audience. Many of us would not have been aware with most of these things about QR codes. QR codes are actually very fascinating stuffs for business marketing purposes.


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