63 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts to Support Learning

I have always enjoyed supporting classroom blogging and encouraging teacher networks to share and visit each other’s work. Blogging was the social media platform that completely changed the way I learned professionally.

The single most important decision I made in my career was to begin writing a blog, and actually my class blog started at the same time.

I hope these ideas inspire you to continue your blogging work with your classes and perhaps begin writing and sharing on your own space. Please help with the resource above by considering what new ideas you could add – instructions on the last slide on how to add to it.


  1. I can fix the title slide but I would be grateful if you could help change back the text on idea slides #1 and #2 you altered – thanks. To make a copy go to File in the Docs menu and “Make a Copy”

  2. Hello, I´m a Spain English teacher and I loved your presentation. I thought I was editing it from my drive (I wanted to translated it into Spanish), and it turned out to be that I changed the first slide of the presentation! I hope yo can change it the way that it was. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. I recently started a blog and although I am still learning I really enjoyed your 63 different ways to implement class blogging. I particularly liked slide #14, I think that blogging as a group is a great way to introduce the concept to your students, perhaps you could do a class room blog on the discussion of vaporizers and whether or not they are a good alternative to smoking cigarettes. I think this is a good topic for students because unfortunately alot of the flavours a based on candy and geared towards younger people. Where smoking has been greatly discouraged in the last 10 years, e-cigarettes are really gaining popularity.

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