63 Interesting Ideas for Class Blog Posts to Support Learning

  • Aisha

    Very good. Bravo. Finally something unique, useful, and simple as well as engaging.

  • http://edte.ch/blog Tom Barrett

    I fixed both – don’t worry!

  • http://edte.ch/blog Tom Barrett

    I can fix the title slide but I would be grateful if you could help change back the text on idea slides #1 and #2 you altered – thanks. To make a copy go to File in the Docs menu and “Make a Copy”

  • David

    Hello, I´m a Spain English teacher and I loved your presentation. I thought I was editing it from my drive (I wanted to translated it into Spanish), and it turned out to be that I changed the first slide of the presentation! I hope yo can change it the way that it was. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • http://4mradikvapeshop.com/ 4mradik

    I recently started a blog and although I am still learning I really enjoyed your 63 different ways to implement class blogging. I particularly liked slide #14, I think that blogging as a group is a great way to introduce the concept to your students, perhaps you could do a class room blog on the discussion of vaporizers and whether or not they are a good alternative to smoking cigarettes. I think this is a good topic for students because unfortunately alot of the flavours a based on candy and geared towards younger people. Where smoking has been greatly discouraged in the last 10 years, e-cigarettes are really gaining popularity.