Design Thinking: A creative process for school change

  • Dawn

    I love this example of visual notes which makes it so graphic. These are done so well by RSA Animate too. Looking forward to hearing you speak at Edutech next week, Tom. My school have embedded the Inquiry-based learning philosophy as our modus operandi pedagogy so Design Thinking sounds really interesting.

  • Tor Guttorm Syvertsen

    Very nice design and interesting concepts!

  • Mike Carrington

    Nice use of ThingLink, and a thought provoking Ted talk by Ewan McIntosh, but I was a little surprised that a language specialist (I think that is what he said) should choose Maths and Science tasks as examples of poor practice.

  • Braddo

    Thanks for the introduction to ThingLink, Tom. My students and I are playing with it as part of our students-as-makers-of-their-own-textbooks experiments. Here’s a sample of student-made “textbook.” a mashup up of Twitter, Google Spreadsheets & script, Storify, sketch notes and ThinkLink. ThingLink is the packaging that holds it all together.

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