Here are some simple guidelines for participating in the Twitter chat #creativitychat. I have also shared some details about the structure of the chat and how you can get involved.

The most important thing is to use the hashtag #creativitychat somewhere in your tweets. Like and retweet the contributions from others.


  • Be Kind
  • Help others learn
  • Step up (contribute your thoughts and ideas or let others know you appreciate theirs)
  • Step back (take some time to step back and just read, we don’t always have to be the first to respond to a question or provocation)
  • Connect with others
  • Seek new meaning (understand a different viewpoint by questioning someone further, share something new you have learned, let’s not just wait for the next question)

Provocations and Questions

Unlike other chats I am going to be using provocations as well as questions.

Provocations might include the use of a quote or short video about creativity. Ponder on what is shared and post a tweet about your reaction. You will see a provocation marked P1 for Provocation 1. You should respond with R1 in your tweet, Reaction 1.

Questions will follow the usual routine of what you have experienced before with Twitter chats. They will be marked Q1 for Question 1. You should respond with A1 in your tweet, Answer 1.

Questions are not hard queued, in other words the questions I have might come out in a different order than expected due to the nature of the dialogue.

Chat Structure

  • 2 minutes for protocols
  • 10 minutes for introductions
  • 100 minutes for reaction and dialogue about provocations and questions
  • Maybe some time to share next steps, what actions are we going to take? What have we learned during the chat? “As a result of the chat I am…”
  • 10 minutes for networking and sharing our own projects and blogs etc.
  • Close with the next week’s topic