Learning in Perpetual Beta

One of the biggest challenges in education is helping our students develop an open mindset to feedback, failure and mistakes. Learning in perpetual beta. In this post I unpack this in more detail and share some links to further reading.

What All Flourishing Creative Environments Need

One of the strongest outcomes of our work with schools, in developing their use of Design Thinking led enquiry across the curriculum, is the empowerment of the learner. Providing purposeful opportunities for students to bring their passions to schoo

Sign up for March #28daysofwriting

Blogging and commenting are┬álike Luke and Leia Skywalker. Blogging comes first (like Luke did – they are twins y’know) but commenting and discussion┬ámakes everything better (much like Leia’s influence) – they are lonely when they are apart. If you are keen to get into a writing habit during March sign up for #28daysofwriting. #28daysofwriting continues … Continue reading Sign up for March #28daysofwriting