Surprise Makes Us Curious for Longer

I have often referred to times when my son George is faced with new experiences as “moments of flux”. These newly discovered pieces of understanding cause a shift in the knowledge George has and creates moments when everything changes. As with all new learning, working in the “zone of proximal development”, as Vygotsky described it, read more »

Moving Back and Forth Between Fantasy and Reality

During my keynote at Edutech a few weeks back I outlined some of the false pedagogic dichotomies that are present in education. In addition to these supposed tensions there are natural forces and tendencies at play such as moving between fantasy and reality. In this post I will share some of my thinking on the read more »

Saying You Don’t Know Fuels the Desire to Find Out

It was with a fair dollop of trepidation I took to a stage last week at Edutech 2014 in Brisbane and shared some ideas about creative learning. Marginally due to the number of people, but mainly it was the fact that I had not done the keynote before, some new ideas / new keynote angst. During read more »

7 Things To Remember About Feedback

I came across this originally via David Truss on Twitter and Google+ and thought it would complement my previous post about the science and art of receiving feedback – 3 Variables That Profoundly Affect the Way We Respond to Feedback  Or why not explore this piece I did a few years back about how video games read more »

Interesting Ways to Use Evernote to Support Learning

Take a look at this crowdsourced set of ideas for using Evernote.