Education Suffers from a Lack of Knowledge Urgency

As teachers we need to be more open about our work and quickly realise that the whole profession can benefit from our collective expertise – we mustn’t become silos of knowledge ourselves. Nor do we want our knowledge and experience, our stories and ideas to lie dormant, our knowledge needs to live on and impact those around us, to be contextual and be flexible enough to improve the lives of as many people we can.

My EDtalk Interview from ULearn14

In this short interview I did for EDtalks in New Zealand at ULearn14, I share some of my thinking on the importance of developing curiosity filled learning, how we need creative processes like design thinking for learning and the tensions we face in the design of it all.

Learning in Perpetual Beta

One of the biggest challenges in education is helping our students develop an open mindset to feedback, failure and mistakes. Learning in perpetual beta. In this post I unpack this in more detail and share some links to further reading.