Thanks for spending some time exploring my articles. This blog has been my faithful professional companion for many years. If you look back far enough there are blog posts when I was teaching Year 5 or when I became a Kindergarten teacher!

Since 2011 I have been working in partnership with a range of school clients. I help them get better everyday. I now run my own business called Dialogic Learning.

I specialise in the development of cultures of curiosity, creativity and innovation.

Alongside my work in schools I consult with clients outside of education. (But always to do with learning.) These have included, tech companies, fashion, telecommunications, museums and even a children’s hospital. We need to consider perspectives about learning from beyond education. I bring just such a fresh viewpoint to my client partnerships.

Those who I have worked with me will tell you I am in it for the long haul. I am flexible to ensure whatever we do together suits the needs of your organisation. Get in touch if you would like an initial partnership discussion.

Dialogic Learning