Toolset, skillset, mindset

Toolset, Skillset, Mindset

August 29, 2015 Tom Barrett 6

Over the last few years I have developed three different lenses through which to see any creative inquiry process. When we are facilitating or planning with clients, schools and teachers we explicitly talk about our Toolset, Skillset [READ MORE]

Creative sculpture of trolleys

What Makes People Creative?

February 27, 2015 Tom Barrett 5

When you start to explore the literature around the definition of creativity, or what it means to be creative, the lists and references go on and on. In this post I wanted to share a few key characteristics of what we might deam a creative approach or disposition. In my last post I shared the idea of developing a creative council in the classroom to learn about key role models and why they were/are so influential in their fields. With a better sense of the characteristics of creative people we can form better perspectives on our own work and speak more confidently about what makes up ‘being creative”.

Learning in Perpetual Beta

Learning in Perpetual Beta

February 23, 2015 Tom Barrett 4

One of the biggest challenges in education is helping our students develop an open mindset to feedback, failure and mistakes. Learning in perpetual beta. In this post I unpack this in more detail and share some links to further reading.