Join me for #28daysofwriting – developing a writing habit

5.11pm I don’t know about you but I seem to have an endless list of ideas for things I am going to write about, a smattering of drafts ready to go, and not quite the writing habit to get them published. You may also suffer from blog guilt! You may have a publishing space that read more »

“Stop One. Stop Them All” a Powerful Provocation from the World Wildlife Fund

Provocations are such powerful devices to use in our design of learning, often used to great effect at the beginning of a period of project (or Immersion). They are jarring and force a response, which can come in many different ways – often creating lasting momentum throughout a period of learning. The imagery used here is a fine example of that, shocking and yet bearing a simple message. Something we can act upon.

Creative Learning is Relational

In order for us to design learning opportunities that encourage creativity we have to be willing to cast our net more widely. In this post I share some practical ideas to help design creative inquiry in the classroom.

Uncertainties, mysteries and how to nurture your negative capability

Most of the time it is what we don’t do in any given creative inquiry that helps us the most. Take a look at some of the steps you can take to get into the best possible mindset for creative work and embrace your negative capability.

Surprise Makes Us Curious for Longer

I have often referred to times when my son George is faced with new experiences as “moments of flux”. These newly discovered pieces of understanding cause a shift in the knowledge George has and creates moments when everything changes. As with all new learning, working in the “zone of proximal development”, as Vygotsky described it, read more »